The Sustainable HIV and Tuberculosis Responses from Technical Assistance (SHIFT) project is helping achieve HIV epidemic control while transitioning a sustainable HIV response to local ownership in Vietnam. The project works to strengthen local capacity across the continuum of HIV services, from outreach and prevention; to HIV testing and case finding; to HIV treatment, retention, and viral suppression. USAID SHIFT also fortifies the capacity of Vietnam’s health and information systems to monitor the HIV epidemic and sustainably finance the HIV response in assigned geographic areas. The project differs from preceding USAID-funded HIV programs in Vietnam by providing demand-driven technical assistance (TA) through a TA Marketplace.

Geographic Coverage

USAID SHIFT works at site, district, provincial and national levels, with special focus on assigned provinces. During its first two years, the project focused its local efforts in An Giang, Bac Giang, Can Tho, Dien Bien, Hai Phong, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Lao Cai, Nghe An, Quang Ninh and Thai Binh provinces. In 2018, USAID SHIFT pivoted to focus on Dong Nai, Tay Ninh, Tien Giang, and HCMC in the south, and Hanoi and Quang Ninh in the Northern Economic Zone.


The project began on June 10, 2016 and will continue through June 9, 2021.


The USAID SHIFT project is organized into three major domains to achieve the following objectives:

  • Strengthen services to achieve HIV epidemic control in assigned areas

  • Transition a sustainable HIV response, sites and services to local ownership, including by supporting scale-up of social health insurance

  • Enable local HIV stakeholders to solicit and receive demand-driven technical assistance to strengthen and sustain the HIV response at national, provincial, and site levels

Key Activities

USAID SHIFT is working with local government and civil society partners to achieve HIV epidemic control. The project is driving intensive HIV case finding among key and priority populations, to help find and support people living with HIV (PLHIV) to know their status and enroll and remain on treatment. These efforts help PLHIV achieve viral suppression towards improved health outcomes while stemming onward transmission. The project is promoting targeted and efficient service delivery through performance-based incentives. These incentives reward community-based supporters, health workers, and HIV service managers for focusing their efforts on the right people in the right places. USAID SHIFT is also helping institutionalize a culture of data-driven decision making. The project supports its partners to generate and analyze data dashboards, for example to identify treatment facilities with elevated attrition and tailor appropriate interventions. USAID SHIFT also promotes active learning by helping provincial governments recognize well-performing districts and sites and replicate positive practices.

As Vietnam’s HIV response transitions from international donor support, USAID SHIFT is playing a key role to operationalize sustainable HIV services and local financing. In its first two years, the project supported more than thirty HIV treatment facilities to consolidate and begin delivering HIV services which can be reimbursed via social health insurance. USAID SHIFT is helping maximize HIV patient enrollment in and use of social health insurance in target provinces. The project is promoting policy actions, enhancing healthcare provider capacity, and integrating electronic health information systems for streamlined HIV reporting, medication management, and health insurance claims. USAID SHIFT has also helped ensure that more than 60,000 of the country’s antiretroviral therapy (ART) patients implement individual treatment continuation plans (ITCPs), to transition from PEPFAR-funded treatment to locally-financed ART.

USAID SHIFT provides local HIV stakeholders with a mechanism to request and receive high quality technical assistance from TA providers of their choice. The USAID SHIFT Kênh Hợp Tác Hỗ Trợ Kỹ Thuật (TA Marketplace) is an online platform that enables TA providers to register their availability, experience and skills relevant to the HIV response. USAID-approved national and local partners can submit requests for project-funded TA and identify their preferred TA provider to fulfill those requests. Visit the TA Marketplace online at

Additional Information

For additional information please contact:

Anh Innes, MD
Chief of Party, USAID SHIFT
Phone: +84-4-3934-8560                                                                                    

USAID SHIFT Project Brief (PDF)

USAID SHIFT Focus Provinces


TA Marketplace



TA Marketplace


TA Marketplace



TA Marketplace



As PEPFAR completes its support for direct service delivery in Vietnam, technical assistance plays a critical role in strengthening and sustaining a locally-driven HIV response. The Sustainable HIV and Tuberculosis Responses from Technical Assistance (SHIFT) project is facilitating demand-driven technical assistance through the TA Marketplace. The USAID SHIFT TA Marketplace provides:

  • Standardized procedures and tools to request, assign, deliver, monitor, evaluate, and ensure the quality and impact of demand-driven TA

  • A pool of qualified TA providers available to respond to demand-driven requests through high quality TA that is appropriate to the context and need

  • Support and guidance to ensure that TA requests align with USAID Vietnam and PEPFAR priorities

  • A website through which local HIV stakeholders can select TA providers and submit TA requests


USAID has selected local HIV stakeholders eligible to request project-funded technical assistance through the TA Marketplace. The project will notify eligible national and provincial government partners and community-based organizations and provide hands-on assistance to develop request scopes-of-work (R-SOWs). When doing so, the local stakeholder organization can search for and select its preferred TA provider, including by searching the online TA Provider Directory.

The project will submit complete R-SOWs to USAID for review and, if approved, engage the selected TA provider to deliver the requested services. In addition to facilitating the TA request process, the USAID SHIFT project is providing local stakeholders with insights on highest priority technical domains that align with USAID, PEPFAR, and national HIV program strategies.


Technical and operational experts form the cornerstone of the USAID SHIFT TA Marketplace. The project engages, vets and enrolls individuals and organizations eligible to provide technical assistance in the online TA Provider Directory. The Directory ensures that local HIV stakeholders have access to the full repertoire of knowledge and skills needed to strengthen and sustain the HIV response in Vietnam. Enrollment requires completing a standardized biographical data form, describing areas of expertise relevant to the HIV response, and sharing curriculum vitae for potential TA providers.

Register to provide TA or view registered TA providers. Vietnamese local national individuals and organizations are especially encouraged to register. Individuals receiving compensation from the Government of Vietnam will require special authorization for enrollment.


As the HIV response in Vietnam evolves, USAID SHIFT works closely with local stakeholders, including the Vietnam Administration for HIV/AIDS Control, to identify and prioritize domains in greatest need of technical support. These include:

  • Consolidating and strengthening HIV care and treatment systems and services, particularly to enable and scale-up social health insurance coverage for HIV services

  • Expanding people living with HIV (PLHIV) enrollment and retention on antiretroviral therapy

  • Reducing stigma and discrimination towards PLHIV

  • Promoting sustainable financing for the HIV response

  • Integrating health information systems to support social health insurance scale-up for HIV


For additional information please email

USAID SHIFT TA Marketplace Brochure (PDF)