22 September 2017 - Effective and efficient monitoring and evaluation (M&E) are essential to track and improve Vietnam’s HIV response. However, as government and donor reporting requirements have evolved and expanded, local M&E systems have become overwhelmed and, in some cases, highly fragmented. In March 2017, Can Tho Provincial AIDS Center (PAC) submitted a technical assistance (TA) request via USAID SHIFT’s TA Marketplace, to address M&E system challenges evidenced by persistent conflicts in their data reports. After jointly assessing the situation and diagnosing M&E system redundancies and gaps, the project and PAC designed and launched One M&E System. The new system uses streamlined, unified procedures and tools to improve data accuracy while significantly reducing health system burden. On September 22nd USAID SHIFT and Can Tho PAC finished training all district and site focal points to begin using the new system. Can Tho PAC’s request demonstrates their trust in USAID SHIFT’s competence and the effectiveness of the project’s demand-driven TA model.  As noted by Can Tho PAC Vice Director Nguyen Danh Lam, “Our old system was susceptible to a lot of mistakes, and it took forever to get accurate reports. The new approach will save us a lot of time. Now we can spend more time actually using data, to identify gaps and improve HIV services.”