29 January 2018 - At 4:50pm on Friday, January 19, the USAID SHIFT project received an urgent request from the Vietnam Administration for HIV/AIDS Control (VAAC). The VAAC needed to know how many HIV patients in Vietnam are temporary intranational migrants, e.g. receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART) in a location outside of their home province. And they needed that information by 8:00am the following Monday, January 22, to use in a crucial annual planning and funding request process. However, the country’s current official HIV information system could not produce the needed data in time. Instead, they turned to the jointly-owned VAAC-USAID SHIFT Individual Treatment Continuation Plan (ITCP) system – a comprehensive intervention and data system used to track and support HIV patients as they transfer from donor-supported ART to locally-financed treatment services. USAID SHIFT was able to fulfill the VAAC’s request in time, and immediately followed-up to capacitate local authorities to more independently use the ITCP system to analyze and apply data in program planning and budgeting. The experience elucidates two important achievements: 1) That the country’s national HIV authority trusts and can successfully rely on the USAID SHIFT project for rapid support, and 2) that the tools USAID SHIFT and its local partners have created are promoting are ensuring a data-driven HIV response.