23 February 2018 - Ending the HIV epidemic in Vietnam requires diligently finding new cases. However, as resources decline it is also imperative that testing services reach the right populations. In the first quarter of fiscal year 2018 (FY18 Q1), the USAID SHIFT project and its local partners in five provinces diagnosed a total of 533 people with HIV, or 4.6% of 11,560 people who received HIV testing services and results. Sites in Dien Bien province exceeded their quarterly targets by finding a total of 66 HIV-positive cases. Yield was particularly high in Ho Chi Minh City and An Giang provinces, where 16.9% and 9.1% of those who tested and received their results were found positive, respectively. Results from FY18 Q1 show that the USAID SHIFT project and its local government counterparts are focusing HIV testing services on the right populations. As a result, Vietnam and provincial partners are increasing the proportion of people living with HIV who know their status and can therefor enroll on treatment and interrupt transmission, all while containing service costs.