2 March 2018 - Antiretroviral therapy (ART) is the key to prolonging HIV patients’ lives, improving their health outcomes, and stopping onward transmission. However, realizing these benefits requires that patients stay on treatment continuously – a formidable challenge in Vietnam and globally. In addition, when ART patients drop out of care they risk developing resistance to first-line medicines and require resource intensive health system interventions. To reduce these risks and reap ART benefits, USAID SHIFT developed an Enhanced Retention Intervention. This strategy works at national, provincial and site levels to standardize attrition monitoring, systematically analyze and address root causes of treatment dropout, and implement tested retention tactics, such as SMS appointment reminders. USAID SHIFT analyzed results from the first twelve months of implementation across treatment facilities in four provinces and found a 60% decrease in ART attrition. These promising results show that the Enhanced Retention Intervention works, and can serve as a powerful tool in Vietnam’s HIV response. USAID SHIFT is eager to continue supporting national, provincial and local HIV stakeholders to implement the strategy and realize the full benefits of ART for the well-being of HIV patients, those at risk for transmission, and the health facilities and communities in which they live.