9 March 2018 - Last month, Vietnam celebrated Tet – the country’s annual Lunar New Year festival – when those who often travel for work return to their home provinces to celebrate with their families. This was the second year that the USAID SHIFT project partnered with other USAID partners and local stakeholders in Nghe An and Dien Bien provinces to mount a Tet HIV Case Finding campaign. In these areas, HIV transmission is disproportionately higher among mobile populations. Thus, the holiday presents a critical opportunity to reach, counsel and provide HIV testing and ensure that those found positive enroll in treatment. This year’s campaign reached more than 2,300 people at risk of HIV, provided HIV testing and counseling to at least 1,123 highest risk persons and identified 125 HIV cases (24 new cases and 101 previously diagnosed but not on treatment). So far, 74 of these have enrolled in treatment -- more than four times the number enrolled in last year’s campaign. The campaign not only garnered positive HIV case finding and treatment results. It also demonstrated the project’s ability to rally local HIV stakeholder and health worker support to reach, test and treat those in need, even during the country’s most cherished holiday. The effort required careful coordination and planning to identify communities and households in need of outreach, standardize and disseminate procedures and tools, training to ensure their proper use and ongoing coaching and encouragement to motivate performance. USAID SHIFT and its partners in Dien Bien and Nghe An also showed their ability to continuously learn and adapt approaches for improved outcomes. This year’s campaign focused intensively on accelerating HIV diagnoses and enrollment, to ensure that positive patients received cogent counseling and initiated treatment before leaving their home areas to work elsewhere.