13 April 2018 - Vietnam’s HIV epidemic has been hitting men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM) hard in recent years. Recent analysis shows both high prevalence and a significant number of new infections in urban areas. To tackle this challenge, the USAID SHIFT project is partnering with provincial health authorities and community-based organizations to implement “Reach 4.0.” This new strategy couples already effective online and offline HIV outreach, risk assessments and testing services with efforts to engage additional MSM outside of known risk networks. On March 28, USAID SHIFT began advertising HIV information and testing services through Blue'd – a popular MSM dating app in Vietnam. Within two weeks, 124 MSM had clicked through the ads on Blue'd and completed virtual risk self-assessments, 115 of whom then opted to access HIV testing. The significant majority of these were high-risk MSM who reported engaging in unsafe sex and never having been tested for HIV before. The project’s local MSM network partner, the Ho Chi Minh City Provincial AIDS Center-affiliated Blue Sky Club, has already diagnosed and linked at least one case among these men to treatment, and anticipates multiple others in coming days. The Reach 4.0 strategy is achieving the outcome for which it was designed – to access and begin diagnosing HIV among MSM that existing outreach strategies would otherwise not reach. Doing so is vital to expedite control over the HIV epidemic in this key population.