4 May 2018 - Viral suppression is the gold standard by which to measure the effectiveness of HIV treatment. When an HIV patient achieves viral suppression, s/he has significantly reduced likelihood of transmitting infection and improved health outcomes. Between January and March, the USAID SHIFT project supported viral load testing for 3,558 HIV patients. Of these, 95.8% (3,410/3,558) had viral suppression (<1,000 copies of viral RNA/mL). More than 27% of project-supported sites providing viral load testing this quarter found that 100% of tested patients had viral suppression. HIV stakeholders in Vietnam and internationally have committed to achieving viral suppression among a high proportion of people living with HIV. Doing so is a tenet of global and local strategies to achieve epidemic control. With USAID SHIFT support, Government of Vietnam (GVN) ART sites across 11 provinces are demonstrating outstanding treatment quality and outcomes and promising progress towards ending HIV. USAID SHIFT will continue building and transferring capacity to the GVN health system to expand and sustain these robust results.