15 June 2018 - Health information and case reporting systems are vital to measure and monitor epidemic control. In Vietnam, the USAID SHIFT program has worked with local health authorities to compare records from the HIVInfo case reporting system to local HIV treatment registers, to identify untreated people living with HIV (PLHIV). The project recently completed a milestone in its efforts to expand this approach to the Ho Chi Minh City metropolitan area. In April, the program began aiding local health authorities in Tay Ninh and Tien Giang provinces to analyze, clean and compare HIV case reports against treatment records for local clinics. Within a two-month period, the project and its local partners analyzed records for more than 8,000 patients in HIVInfo and identified more than 2,900 PLHIV not currently on treatment in either their home province or nearby Ho Chi Minh City. With this significant data analysis complete, USAID SHIFT can now help local HIV stakeholders re-engage previously diagnosed but untreated PLHIV. The effort also substantially improved the quality of HIV case reports for the two provinces. USAID SHIFT streamlined procedures for improving local HIV information systems during the exercise. As a result, more effort can now be focused on reaching and serving untreated PLHIV. USAID SHIFT is now helping health authorities in Dong Nai province to replicate this important exercise.