17 November 2017 - Nghe An -- Vietnam’s largest provincial territory -- faces numerous socioeconomic and public health challenges, including an HIV epidemic. In 2015 PEPFAR and USAID committed to support Nghe An to achieve ambitious UNAIDS targets for HIV epidemic control. On Friday, November 17, the USAID SHIFT project and Nghe An Provincial People’s Committee convened key stakeholders to take stock of progress towards these targets over the past two years. The review found that within 24 months implementers and local partners increased the number of people living with HIV (PLHIV) who are aware of their status by 26% (from 4,186 to 5,277), had increased the number of PLHIV on treatment by 29% (from 3,299 to 4,241), and that at least 92% of those on treatment are virally suppressed (3,919 of 4,241). These results reveal that the strategies HIV stakeholders are pursuing in Nghe An are working. Consequently, the province has dramatically improved its control of the HIV epidemic.  As PEPFAR’s primary implementing partner in Nghe An, the USAID SHIFT project is grateful to its provincial counterparts and collaborating projects for their dedication to continue and complete epidemic control in this important region.