24 March, 2017 - At its outset, USAID SHIFT established the Technical Assistance (TA) Marketplace to facilitate demand-driven TA to support local stakeholders engaged in Vietnam’s HIV response. A crucial element of the TA Marketplace is its ability to link these entities – such as the Vietnam Administration for HIV/AIDS Control (VAAC) and Provincial AIDS Centers – with knowledgeable, experienced local technical experts who can deliver high quality TA. To enable this, USAID SHIFT has recruited, vetted, and prequalified more than 50 TA providers to respond to TA requests via the Marketplace. This process included collecting and verifying all biographical data and ensuring that TA Providers possess sufficient depth of expertise to deliver technical support that will strengthen and help sustain Vietnam’s HIV response. Local stakeholders may now select from a growing cadre of technical experts to fulfill their TA requests. Profiles for each prequalified TA Provider are available online at http://www.tamarketplace.org/view (English) or http://www.tamarketplace.org/tracuu (Vietnamese). The project aims to register and prequalify at least 100 TA providers by September 30, 2018.