6 March 2017 - The USAID SHIFT project is partnering with the Vietnam Administration for HIV/AIDS Control (VAAC) and National HIV Estimation Technical Working Group (TWG) to construct, validate, and finalize latest estimates of the country’s HIV epidemic. USAID SHIFT staff aided VAAC to input data and adjust models to align with local context. The project then partnered with VAAC and TWG members to review national and 11 key provincial estimates, and extrapolate results for all 63 provinces. In January 2017 USAID SHIFT, VAAC-US.CDC, and UNAIDS supported VAAC and the TWG to convene training and consensus workshops on the estimation methodology with international, national, and provincial experts. On Tuesday, February 28 the VAAC disseminated initial estimates and rankings to all provinces and solicited further feedback (see attached). When compared with previous official estimates, these preliminary results estimate that about 20,000 fewer people are living with HIV (PLHIV) nationally (240,816 versus 260,238), but that there are 5,000 more PLHIV in Hanoi (29,238 versus 24,241) than previously estimated. The TWG will next meet in late March or early April to stratify results by key population group. Results of these combined efforts will inform 2017-18 targets and planning for VAAC and provincial authorities, as well as international donors and partners aiding in epidemic control.