12 May 2017 - In late April USAID SHIFT led a rapid assessment of the provincial, district, and site-level HIV monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system for Can Tho province. This activity responded to a request that Can Tho provincial HIV and health system leaders submitted to USAID SHIFT’s demand-driven TA Marketplace. Together with staff from Can Tho Provincial AIDS Center (PAC) and its departments for M&E, care and treatment, laboratory services, communication and harm reduction, USAID SHIFT M&E officers reviewed the current system, practices and tools used to collect, report, and analyze HIV service data from site to district and provincial level. The assessment unearthed a complex reporting structure with numerous inefficiencies and reporting delays. HIV specialists spent considerable time completing redundant reporting forms and procedures, and different health system departments and levels received service data reports at widely varying times and often with conflicting data. This caused confusion and low confidence in the province’s HIV M&E system. Together USAID SHIFT and Can Tho PAC staff analyzed the current situation and began designing streamlined reporting forms and flow, which they will finalize and begin implementing this month. Can Tho provincial leaders have expressed great satisfaction with the process, which the project can repeat with other provinces and capacitate national M&E system leaders to replicate.