26 May 2017 - Across the globe, legislative measures have the potential to either inhibit or enable the fight against HIV/AIDS. On May 18 in Khanh Hoa, Vietnam, USAID SHIFT partnered with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Vietnam Administration for HIV and AIDS Control to convene representatives and delegates from the Vietnam National Assembly, international normative bodies, civil society, key funders, PEPFAR implementing partners, and national and local government agencies to review a series of recent assessments of Vietnam’s Law on HIV Prevention and Control. The Vice Minister of Health (MOH), Nguyen Thanh Long, and the Vice Chairman of the National Assembly’s Social Affairs Committee co-chaired the workshop. The MOH presented progress achieved and challenges in implementing the law. Local and international attendees considered ways in which the current legislation should be revised to align with latest evidence and practices for an effective HIV response. These include, for example, a need for measures that will compel sufficient, sustainable local financing for the HIV response, including through social health insurance.  Participants agreed on next steps that will ultimately result in revised or new legislation to be submitted to the Vietnam National Assembly following subsequent administrative processes and procedures. USAID and the SHIFT project will continue demonstrating their depth of expertise, commitment and context knowledge to help Vietnam advance legislation that protects and promotes the country’s HIV response.