7 July 2017 - Social health insurance (SHI) provides a key financial mechanism to transition Vietnam’s HIV response from PEPFAR to local support. As local governments, facilities and people living with HIV (PLHIV) take on a greater burden to pay for HIV services, steps that improve SHI and HIV service efficiency are vital. The USAID SHIFT project is helping health facilities utilize HIV-focused electronic health information systems (eHIS-HIV) with powerful multifunctionality. The eHIS-HIV system provides health facilities with comprehensive tracking and reporting for patient management, pharmacy and laboratory services; SHI for HIV services; and national and PEPFAR program reporting. The tool provides a “win win” by significantly reducing the time and labor required to track patients and services and generate reports, while improving medical record and reporting accuracy. On June 21-23, USAID SHIFT and software partner Song An Company trained health staff in Dien Bien to utilize eHIS-HIV to enter and update data for HIV patients with widely varying circumstances (e.g. newly registered, transferring between facilities, receiving treatment through mobile outreach or commune health stations, etc.) and generate myriad required reports. USAID SHIFT and Song An staff gathered recommendations to optimize eHIS-HIV implementation. The project will provide technical support to facility and provincial authority staff in Dien Bien to use eHIS-HIV with increasing independence, while expanding eHIS-HIV type systems in additional provinces