14 July 2017 - Leading an effective and efficient HIV response requires timely and accurate data on new HIV cases as they are detected. In 2015 the Vietnam Authority for HIV/AIDS Control (VAAC) launched the online HIV case reporting system known as C03 (resulting from Circular 03). This resource provides a powerful opportunity to monitor and respond to changes in the country’s epidemic. However, the C03 system has been underutilized by both national and local HIV stakeholders, due to insufficient tools to analyze the data, visualize its contents, and respond to queries. The USAID SHIFT project has applied its expertise in HIV program monitoring and evaluation (M&E), data analysis and visualization to yield substantial improvements in C03. In 2017 the project began helping VAAC’s M&E department to clean and analyze C03 data, then design and develop a customized C03 dashboard that can be automatically updated and easily shared with stakeholders. On June 26, USAID SHIFT and VAAC M&E staff presented the dashboard and its features to VAAC leadership (photograph below). Participants discussed how the dashboard operates and can be used to inform HIV program planning, decision making, and quality improvement. VAAC enthusiastically endorsed the tool and commissioned USAID SHIFT to continue its support. The project will now help integrate the dashboard into VAAC’s website, and train local stakeholders to maintain and maximize its use in epidemic control.