Through the USAID SHIFT TA Marketplace, local HIV stakeholders will work with project staff to submit request scopes-of-work (SOWs) to USAID for technical assistance. While drafting these SOWs, or upon their approval for SHIFT funding by USAID, the local HIV stakeholder and/or project staff may search for and recommend specific TA providers to fulfill the SOW. Individuals and organizations interested in being considered for such opportunities should register to enroll in the USAID SHIFT TA Provider Directory. 

To register, please submit the following to

•    TA Provider Registration Form (download or complete online form below)
•    Biodata Form (including signature)
•   Updated curriculum vitae (CV) or resume
•    High resolution headshot/photograph

A USAID SHIFT project staff member will confirm receipt of your complete TA Provider Registration submission. 

For additional information, questions or assistance please contact the USAID SHIFT TA Marketplace at


TA Provider Registration Form

TA Domains *
From the list below, please select technical domains in which you have significant knowledge, experience and skills to provide technical assistance to national and local entities in Vietnam. Please only select those domains in which you could be considered an expert (not every domain in which you have experience). Please describe any additional areas in which you are an expert in your brief biography, below.
Please provide a brief biography describing your qualifications, experience, and interest to deliver technical assistance related to the HIV response in Vietnam. Please limit your response to no more than 300 words.
Please note when you can begin providing TA (MM/YY) and any limitations to your availability to respond to TA requests.
May USAID SHIFT create and post your TA Provider Profile on This website is our central mechanism for connecting local HIV stakeholders with potential TA providers. We encourage all TA providers to make their profiles available through this mechanism.